CD Release Night

Thank you everyone who came to our Album Release Night last Monday!! Wow, we were so happy to see your faces and felt super-honoured to play »Heaven Is« for you...

These live gigs tend to just fly by and I miss out on saying things I think I should have said. I'm so busy playing and singing and this time Julia and I really had to THINK 'cause most of the songs we haven't played live before. We then always have to save each other when one of us forgets a line or spontaneously (or accidentally) makes changes to the song. It's a thrill.

Back to you: Thank you for all your comments and feedback on our new album (and please keep them coming). I was so excited about what you would think about this album, because this time recording too was such an exciting process. I was able to experiment with different sounds and styles and oh how I love to feel free to do that and when I ended up in chaos I had my brother who would sort things out for me. So great.

I was a little worried we wouldn't be able to give you an exact presentation of »Heaven Is« on Monday since that was more of an acoustic version of it, but as long as we feel we can reach people's ears and hearts while playing I think we're doing okay. Still I'm thinking about taking a computer with me next time we're playing to give us a hand. Might help or destroy everything. We'll see.